In the chandlery we find bells, portholes, knives globes ground, door plates, navigation instruments and well of something else still ...


  • Barometers

    We propose you barometers, hygrometers and thermometers as well as indicators of tides of the company ANVI. All these devices are made with the biggest care in their workshop in Spain.

  • The bells

    All the bells of navy are in massive brass, brilliant, skated, or tinned.

    They resist all the weathers.

  • for Cooking

    Door plates in glasses storms, Of the bottle-opener in brass in bottles with water via(including) spades(pikes,lances) with olives...

  • Rope for banisters

    Rope for banisters

  • All for desk

    All the universe of the office(desk), the caskets pencil box, Pencil sharpener Lantern, Goose quills and Pen-Holders, Press-papers, cuttings-papers, clocks of desk etc....

  • Terrestrial Globe

    Find a big ground collection of globes. Of the old cardmap of Vaugondy and Cassini, cartographers royal, in current maps of National Géographic.

  • Clocks

    The corner of clocks, which are wall or of office, as this original eye time.

  • Navigational instruments

    All the charm of the navy is probably here, telescope, compasses and compass of navigation etc..

  • Shoehorn

    It is a very appreciated, practical and ornamental present, you have a wide choice of shoehorn there.

  • Coat hooks and...

    We propose you here several sorts of coat hooks and doors-coats in brass or in alloy as these attractive coat hooks in the shape of tail of whale.

  • Avirons
  • Keyring
  • Plaques de Porte
  • Les couteaux

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