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Globe MOVA (PM - Constellations)
  • Globe MOVA (PM - Constellations)

Globe MOVA Constellations


Rotating globe !!

Size : 4,5 inch

Delivered with a translucent acrylic support

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The key idea of the creation of this globe was inspired by the earth, floating peacefully in the space, swirling, thanks to the solar energy. In California, Bill French, physicist and inventor worked on the project during numerous years to make the first globe.

This object is probably the globe the most perfected to the world. This extraordinary globe needs no cable or a battery, it works thanks to the natural or artificial light which surrounds it.

The globe is filled(performed) with a liquid which allows the sphere inside its translucent envelope to turn without friction between both walls.

The photovoltaic cells inside the globe get the light and supply the energy in an electromagnetic engine and allows the internal globe to put itself in movement. The mechanism sets support on fields magnetic ground to give the movement to the globe.

The first globes were conceived so that they work very for a long time 7 the years after their manufacturing the first ones always turn.


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